Jean-Claude Piessevaux


Co-Founder, Finance Director


Santiago, Chile


High Mountain Archaeology, Photography


Spanish, French, English

“It is very exciting to walk where very few people have walked before”.

For the last 25 years, Jean-Claude Piessevaux has explored, photographed, researched and travelled in different places of Chile & South America.  Nephew to one of the founders of the Alpin Belge Club, his temperament does not let him stay still.   By riding a motorcycle or a bike, by climbing, or even by doing some water sport, Jean-Claude has discovered every corner he was determined to and, from his very personal point of view, he has photographed his own experience.

Visiting remote or inaccessible mountains, or finding new routes to them are some of his favourite activities.
The Andes Range is his main aim due to the important presence of the Inca Empire almost all over it.  His expeditions are normally characterized by an archaeological interest, this is how he has explored the main Inca high altitude sanctuaries, climbing the so called “Apus” or Inca sacred mountains.
After participating in the expedition that measured the altitude of the Ojos del Salado volcano, “ In Search of the Roof of America”, Hans-Martin Schmitt  invited him to participate in the Spondylus project, so he could be able to transmit his experiences, and help those who want to go with them to make their dreams come true. 

Jean-Claude is always ready for adventures, expeditions and emotions. In his own words: “It is very exciting to walk where very few people have walked before”.
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