The highest volcano on earth
Duration: 14 Days

The Normal Route
Duration: 19 Days

The False Polish Route
Duration: 19 Days

The Sacred Sentinel of Santiago
Duration: 6 Days

The southermost 6.000er
Duration: 10 Days

Wild Giant of the Central Andes
Duration: 12 Days

The most beautiful Volcano on Earth
Duration: 13 Days

Following the Inca Tracks
Duration: 20 Days

The Myth of Patagonia
Duration: 18 Days

Nature & Culture in the Andean highlands
Duration: 13 Days

Nature & Culture in the heart of the Atacama Desert
Duration: 5 Days

Secrets and mysteries of a magic island
Duration: 5 Days

Nature & Culture in the land of Granite and Ice
Duration: 13 Days

From Torres Del Paine to Fitz Roy
Duration: 13 Days

Experience the Atacama desert – off the beaten track
Duration: 10 Days

Trekking in the Highlands of the Atacama Desert
Duration: 11 Days

Experience the Highlands of Chile & Bolivia
Duration: 20 Days

Hiking in the Land of Southern Volcanos
Duration: 17 Days

Where the Wind dwells
Duration: 21 Days

Glacier, Granite Towers & Magic of Patagonia
Duration: 7 Days

The Southermost Trekking at the End of the World
Duration: 12 Days

The sherpas route to the roof of the world
Duration: 19 Days + Arrival and Departure

The Giants fo Africa
Duration: 18 Days + Arrival and Departure

Through the Karakorum to the Mountain of Mountains
Duration: 22 Days + Arrival and Departure