30 March 2021

Perhaps none of us could have imagined just over a year ago that we would spend so much time in this suspended reality, unable to retake our normal activities, far away from open spaces and nature that we long for so much.

15 November 2020

We have been away from nature and the pure mountain air for a long time now, but we are now returning to it and we invite you to do it with us. Join the most spectacular expedition in Chile, the ascent of Ojos del Salado, the giant that dominates the altiplano of the Atacama Region. This is the highest volcano on the planet and climbers from all over the world visit it every year.

1 November 2020

In the mountain range in front of Santiago, the magnificent peak of Mount El Plomo rises. It is time to visit it again! We would like to invite you to celebrate the return to nature in this ascent with SPONDYLUS.

15 October 2020

Dear travellers,
The SPONDYLUS team is following very closely the worldwide pandemic situation, being respectfulof the restrictions that have been imposed by the national health authorities. We are looking after ourselves, and trying to face the new challenges with a positive and flexible attitude.