About us

SPONDYLUS is formed by a group of people who share their enthusiasm for a wide range of outdoor activities. Each of us has many years of experience in the field, both as nature tourism guides and as specialized guides in the mountains of South America; particularly in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. It is in our sincere interest to share this experience and transmit our love of nature through our work, with special care in respecting the local people and their cultures and also the environment.
Our catalog offers trips and expeditions that are operated with our own logistics put in the hands of the best guides. We take care of every detail, from the initial advice to those who contact us, trying to concrete their travel projects, through planning and organization, to the actual development and execution of the trips and expeditions. We also organize mountain trips all over the world in cooperation with our local partners in those destinations, whom we select with the highest standards.
When a trip through emotions becomes a life experience, we feel that our work has been validated.

Welcome to Spondylus - Emotion & Experience