Spondylus is proud to present its main partners.

We are convinced that a network of good partners is critical to achieve quality, security and success.
This is why we demand a lot from our partners, but also why we support them at all times.Teamwork and cooperation are two of the main keys to responsible and beneficial results, which is what our customers ultimately expect from us. 

Kobler & Partner

Kobler & Partner

The success of Kobler & Partner (Switzerland) lies without a doubt in its lengthy experience as an operator for the most ambitious expeditions all over the world. The aim is to offer perfectly organized and professionally led expeditions. A multitude of achievements make this company one of the most prestigious worldwide in this area. Spondylus feels very proud to have Kobler & Partner as an ally. 

Adventure Consultants

Adventure Consultants is a world-renowned mountain guiding company with a legacy of climbing expeditions to the world's highest peaks, and wilderness treks to the more remote corners of the globe. They are a dedicated team of guiding professionals with a focus towards excellent logistical preparation and, above all, a passion for the environment in which they work. Their expeditions and treks are operated by companionable world class mountain guides, who offer adventures that are completed in style; with quality, service and safety, at the forefront. 

AC offers over 100 expeditions, treks, backcountry skiing Adventures and wilderness journeys to the Himalaya, Antarctica, South America, Greenland, Alaska and the Seven Summits, in addition to a world class guiding service, and climbing schools in New Zealand and Europe.

We feel privileged that this world-class company trust in Spondylus when organizing its expeditions in Chile. 

Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin

JACK WOLFSKIN originated in Germany, is the most important trademark in Europe, and the 4 th most important in sales of outdoor clothing in the world. Their production is based on decades of experience and high technology, put on every single one of their products. The protection they offer for every type of weather, and the very high level of functionality is the specialty of their jackets, trousers, shoes and gear. Another characteristic worth to be mentioned is the special design of the ultra light products, as well as the very high comfort, versatility, and “smart design” of their backpacks and other gear. Their products are specially designed for high level trekkings, mid-mountain, and several day mountain expeditions. Their priority is to offer their clients the highest benefits, to feel “at home” in the outdoors.

On October, 2014, SPONDYLUS y JACK WOLFSKIN very proudly achieved an alliance. We know that the quality of the clothing is one of the main keys to success and security in outdoor activities. We have always trusted our safety to JACK WOLFSKIN. We as mountaineers know that the protection of our bodies and our health, can make the difference between life and death. Since October 2014, all SPONDYLUS staff wear JW clothing and gear in every expedition. 

Tienda Estilo Andino

The ESTILO ALPINO STORE specializes in clothing and equipment for mountaineering, climbing and outdoor sports in general. It offers a rigorous selection of brands with top quality products, along with expert advice when choosing the right product according to the activity to be performed. The company is run by mountaineers who bring their many years of experience and enthusiasm to their daily work in the store. In SPONDYLUS we have long trusted this young and innovative company when it comes to our personal equipment and the material for our expedition groups. 

Vivo Outdoor

Vivo Outdoor is a company born in Santiago de Chile, which accompanies you equipping your outdoor adventures. It has 25 years of experience and the best brands to guide you in the search for the most suitable equipment for your trekking, mountain, climbing and kayaking expeditions.The founder and owner of Vivo Outdoor, Luis Alberto Martínez, is an important part of the permanent staff of Spondylus and, with his vast experience, is a fundamental contributor when choosing the best materials and technical equipment for our expeditions. 

MCD Sportmarketing

MCD Sportmarketing, based in the South of Germany, is a marketing agency and a specialist in Sports and Event marketing. This company has vast experience in organising great events, such as the German Boulder Cup, and has an excellent network in sports and outdoor activities in Germany. Our cooperation with MCD helps Spondylus to get closer to our clients in Germany and to get new contacts in order to improve our performance, not only in Germany, but also in the whole German speaking market. It is a real pleasure to work together with this young and innovative agency and we are sure that it will be a big advantage for Spondylus. 

World Wide Weather 4 Expeditions

WORLD WIDE WEATHER 4 EXPEDITIONS provides expeditions to remote locations with professional and accurate weather forecasts. Three professional meteorologists are 24 hours per day ready to support your expedition with the latest weather information. Kiting across Greenland, climbing Mount Everest or trekking in Patagonia - WWW4E supports any outdoor activity or expedition in a modern and highly efficient way. 
Hess & Röttges Online Marketing

Hess & Röttges Online Marketing

HESS & RÖTTGES ONLINE MARKETING is a Potsdam and Santiago de Chile based company that provides a full range of Internet Marketing services such as Web-design, Website Maintenance, and Newsletter Marketing for their clients in Germany, Chile and worldwide.  Hess & Röttges have supported Spondylus from the early stages on with their Internet expertise. Our actual homepage is result of our cooperation and was designed and realized by Hess & Röttges Online Marketing. Together we are constantly searching for opportunities to use the internet as a communication platform for Spondylus, such as the integration of tour videos, tour picture galleries and client testimonials ... and there is more to come.