Carla Messenger


Travel Consulting and Sales in Europe, Guide 


Santiago, Chile


Latin American History and Ecotourism development


Spanish, English, German

Carla’s life was determined by the fact that she grew up in different countries. When she moved back to Latin America, this characteristic allowed her to become a “link” between two cultures, transforming her into a person who could make experiences and cultural exchange flow easily between visitors and local people. She found out that, despite the differences there are amongst the people, the “feeling” for a trip, for nature, for knowledge, etc. joins the human beings, and this is what remains in time in ones life.

Now from Europe, she thinks it is a privilege to be able to accompany each traveler, in his or her own process of living and feeling an experience, that makes them enjoy the vastness of the Andes, the skies full of stars, the local groups that worship the mother earth, with their songs, their ceremonies, their traditions, the untouched nature, a glance, the silence, all those experiences and surprises that are still there about to happen.
“My invitation is for you to open up and feel and explore the ‘unknown’, that is what an adventure is like!”, she adds.
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