Hans-Martin Schmitt


Founder and Director


Villingen, Black Forest, Germany


High Mountain Archaeology


German, English, Spanish

Chile, Argentina and Bolivia

Magical lands where dreams come true.

Imagine setting foot on the roof of America, the Aconcagua, follow the steps of the Incas to the highest archaeological site of the world: the secret graves of Mount Llullaillaco or gaze at the majestic flight of a condor in the Maipo Canyon and exploring the great south, experiencing the wild and barren solitude of Patagonia.

When Hans arrived in Chile in 2000 these were some of his dreams. Today he is glad and very thankful because all this and much more has become true, even though his horizons are still wide. He has planted his hair on so many summits, where others put banners and became one of the most prestigious guides of Chile.
He says: “The most beautiful part of my work is to help other peoples’ dreams come true!”

The creation of SPONDYLUS was a consequent step on his personal and professional way to self-fulfilment.
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