Rodrigo San Martin


Operations Manager, Guide


Santiago, Chile


Patagonian Ice Caps, Technical- and High Mountain Climbing


Spanish, French, English, Portuguese

Rodrigo was born in Santiago de Chile at a time when the country was far from being what it is today. Being quite young, he wanted to go beyond geographical & cultural barriers, so he decided to travel. He was able to experience life in other countries of South America & Europe in depth, and this contrast made his horizons widen enormously. 

Today, Rodrigo is a mountain guide with great experience in this area of South America, and he believes that some of his clients might be full of the same motivation that took him one day to go out and see the world. Either in the Patagonian Ice Field or in a 4x4 in the Atacama Desert, his work breathes the freedom that drives him over and over again.

He is always willing to be another companion of the expedition group. His modesty and his well-developed practical sense, guarantee a pleasant coexistence and, definitely, also the success of the trips and expeditions that he leads.
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