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Astro- & nature journey in Chiles Atacama-Desert

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 2019 A total solar eclipse is for every person that has witnessed it, an unforgettable moment. The rare natural phenomenon becomes an emotional experience for the observer, as it was described by the Austrian poet Adalbert Stifter during the solar eclipse on the 8th July 1842 as following: „Never and never again in my whole life I have been moved like this again, as in these two minutes. It was, as if God had suddenly spoken a clear word and I had understood it“. Even the most recent solar eclipse on 22nd August 2017 in the USA moved the minds. „The sky is velvet as in a full moon night with a glimpse of blue on the horizon. Birds fall silent, crickets chirp, and then you see the glowing halo of the darkened sun. People burst into cheers, laughter, crying. The total solar eclipse that was seen in parts of the USA, had touched the hearts of millions of observers. For a few minutes America was able to look up high – and to forget“, wrote the „Washington Post. On Tuesday the 2nd of July 2019, the moon will darken the sun again, this time in the north of Chile, where a total solar eclipse will marvel in the region of La Serena. Around this important date, SPONDYLUS has developed a program which is focused on astronomy, and the intense experience of enjoying the unique nature of the Atacama Desert. It is an astronomical adventure trip into the country of the largest observatories in the world. With the expert guidance of the passionate amateur astronomer Dirk Neuhaus you will visit some of the world's most advanced and biggest observatories, including the Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Cerro Paranal, and the European Southern Observatory’s telescope complex (ESO) "La Silla". The visit to the Operation Support Facility of the gigantic Atacama Large Millimeter Array (OSF ALMA) has also been planned. Wonderful hikes and nights in tents with telescope observations of the impressive sky of the southern hemisphere, are an integral part of this eventful and nature-related travel program. The observation of the solar eclipse will take place in the centre of the totality zone of it, on top of a mountain (at about 1500 m.a.s.l.) between the port city of La Serena and the Elqui -valley. Witness an incomparable natural spectacle, which will also move your feelings deeply!

SPONDYLUS invites you to become part of an unforgettable journey, the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 2019, in the heart of the Atacama Desert!

DATES: From June 19th to July 05th, 2019
Total time of the trip: 17 days (including the time of the international flights)

CONDUCTED BY: Hans-Martin Schmitt & Dirk Neuhaus


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